Tracey Mac Interiors


The above Dining Room has a wonderful serenity and chic elegance that is worlds away from its original, heavy atmosphere. After years of dark colours, this room was ready for
a refreshing, forward-thinking update.
The laurel-green, linen drapes are custom made, run the full length of the room and provide a lovely backdrop for the regency-style table and chairs. A contemporary lattice
design on the seat fabric provides a youthful take on traditional, classic chairs.

The sideboard and hutch were originally dark brown and have a new lease on life with the application of white, semi-gloss enamel to the exterior and palest green to the interior.
These two pieces, while not antiques, have been a family stalwart for years and provide a place to set off cherished, white and gold, porcelain dinnerware beautifully. In the future,
should there be a desire for a change, the hutch can be removed to provide a landing space for serving dishes, revealing a lovely backdrop for a large piece of art above
the sideboard.

We used white paint infused with just a trace of pink to warm the room and applied a custom paint colour to the ceiling. Trim mouldings with a subtle profile were introduced on the walls
and then inset with a stunning, silver and white wallpaper that echos art nouveau curves and glimmers enchantingly in evening candlelight.

The following photograph shows a room in mid-renovation. The built-ins were designed by Tracey Mac for a private, dual-purpose space.

Our client wished for generous storage for a room used as both an office and a secondary bedroom. The design for this room needed to bridge the desire for the functionality of
a private space in which to work and the calm and serenity required of a bedroom.

We designed our client's built-ins to provide storage for both personal and office supplies and created a custom paint colour for her walls in a soft blue that
complements her cabinets beautifully. We recommended satin brass hardware and finishes throughout the room to add a touch of warmth to the blue and white palette.
We installed hardwood to match the existing flooring found on the second floor landing which now provides a seamless flow within the upstairs space.

Lastly, we sourced and installed the following pieces for what has become our client's favourite room in her home: a custom pendant light fixture, a soft area rug for underfoot,
new entry and closet doors, custom bedside table, bedside lighting, mirror, art and a custom window blind. We topped her window bench with a comfortable custom cushion and
accent pillows in lovely shades of blue to create a cozy, quiet place to read.

Our client was selling his home and wished to freshen it up to attract buyers to the 1 1/2 story house.
We designed a bright and youthful interior that transformed this house into an eye-catching home that attracted offers on the first day it was listed.
We ensured that our client's renovation was tailored to reflect his target market and provided recommendations that helped tremendously in keeping
our client's renovation within his budget.

In his kitchen, we painted his existing cabinets in a warm white to brighten and visually enlarge the room. We replaced the cabinet hardware, updated
his countertop, sink,faucet, range, dishwasher and backsplash.
The beautiful grey and white materials and finishes came together to create a charming kitchen while ensuring that the owner's updates
reflected his foreseeable return on investment.

We installed flooring in warm tones in the kitchen, sourced at a great price that allowed us to carry it throughout the main floor and
upstairs into the bedrooms.

We also refreshed the 1970's harvest gold paint and wallpaper with lighter, on-trend, buyer friendly paint colours throughout his home and
edited his existing furniture to open up his rooms.
The result? His home showed beautifully, appeared larger, created a bidding war and sold for well over his asking price.

The following two antique chairs were handed down within our clients' family and have great sentimental value. Our clients wished to
freshen them up and give them pride of place on a spacious landing that is home to a vignette of furnishings just outside the
principal bedroom.

We updated the chairs and landing by:
Replacing the dusty rose upholstery with a lively trio of fabrics that now provide a sophisticated splash of colour.
We also updated the landing by designing wainscoting that better harmonizes the existing chair rail within this space and creates
an understated and well-appointed backdrop for their furnishings. The existing golden-tan paint colour was replaced with a warm white
that is in keeping with their desire to introduce contemporary touches to their lovely home.
These striking, statement chairs now greet our clients every morning as they begin their day.

Private bathrooms and powder rooms are the perfect spaces to introduce a little drama into your home. Our clients requested something
"whimsical and different" for a wall with limited space in their secondary bathroom. We recreated for them a hand-rendered Shakespeare Quatro.
This bespoke wall not only adds visual interest to the room but also speaks to their love of theatre.

Please find below, some of the custom pillows designed for our clients. The fabric on our home page was sourced for a client for summer accent pillows in
a contemporary living room.

The following photograph shows the excellent detail work provided by our upholsterers.

Front Hall and Staircase renovation photographs available upon request.

What is Tracey Mac working on now?
* Home Office
* Kitchen Renovation
* Master Bathroom Renovation.

I have had the privilege of working with amazing people, please find below a few notes from some of my clients:

Tracey has been wonderful to work with. We found her to be a gifted designer who understands how to create a warm, clean and elegant look that allows each room to flow well with the others
in the home.

She knows what works together and helped us transform our home to suit the "new" vision we wanted. During the process of our renovation she was able to balance listening to our needs/desires
while offering her very knowledgeable opinions. Her attention to detail was much appreciated.
Because she had such a strong foundation of both the aesthetics of decorating together with understanding architectural/structural issues she was able to help us make excellent decisions.

Renovations can be stressful and Tracey was able to help us navigate forward in an easy, organized way. We are delighted with the final result. Our family and friends are too.
Their compliments are a testament to your many talents. Thank-you.

A.M. Whitby

  • We approached Tracey Mac Interiors because we were looking to do renovations in our home and needed assistance with the final touches, paint colours!

    Tracey helped us by reviewing our current colour scheme and guiding us towards a new palette to go with our renovations.

    The recommendation we chose was one that we would not have considered, but we are happy that Tracey did.

    We liked Tracey's honesty with her suggestions. She was careful to review all the details, from the backsplash to the countertop and the new stone we chose for our fireplace. All these
    different colours had to fit with our new paint colour. Tracey did just that!

    We are happy that we had Tracey come to our home. We would recommend Tracey Mac Interiors to people who need help in interior decorating.

    J.D. Pickering

  • Tracey was easy to talk to and was able to give me suggestions for the many things in my home that I felt needed changing or updating.
    She sent me a document with details of our discussion so that I can work through the suggestions gradually.

    Tracey is patient and did not hurry our meeting. It was very relaxing and she answered all my questions.

    M.J. Pickering

  • Tracey McDonell Reid of Tracey Mac Interiors is an outstanding interior decorator.

    Upon meeting Tracey, I found out very quickly that she was passionate about decorating and design and I immediately felt comfortable with her professional and friendly demeanor.
    We set up an appointment for a design consultation and she came to our home to discuss what services she could provide and also help incorporate our visions for our home.

    My husband and I wanted her to help select paint colours for our home while keeping in mind our own personal tastes and also those of potential buyers looking to purchase our home
    within the next several years. Tracey intently listened to our wants and needs and was very patient and understanding as well as confident in her abilities to find solutions that
    would integrate all our design dilemmas.

    She treats her clients with kindness and patience and runs her business with the utmost integrity and honesty. She is well educated in interior decorating and design and keeps
    herself up to date on the latest trends while keeping her client's needs in mind. Her informational package provided after our consultation is very detailed, informative and most
    importantly, effective.

    With Tracey's guidance and knowledge we were able to successfully blend our current needs of choosing the right colours to enjoy currently and also to choose a colour theme
    to help with the potential sale of our home.

    I would highly recommend Tracey to assist with your decorating needs no matter how big or small!

    K.H. Pickering